Pass the Word

And make it a strong one. In my worky thingy for the making of the monies, no one pays me to be awesome, I often get to find out what people use as their password(s). As you can imagine in most instances the passwords are weaker than a two day old kitten’s whiskers. And so… Read More »

The rules of dinner…

…with me that is. By yourself. Yes, just the two of us. If you’re reading this you’re probably considering it. Or you’ve agreed already. What have you done? Are you nuts? I could be a serial killer, a human trafficker or *shudder* a Mormon! Now that I’m done channeling your mother/best friend/husband/talking teapot let me… Read More »

What happened to romance?

In the tradition of me only blogging once every year or so, here’s my latest update. Can’t say I’m not regular. And I have something that’s been bugging me for quite some time now. There use to be slow dancing. We’d go out to the little dance club and have a jol. And at some… Read More »

My Samsung fun

Ok, so you might have seen my recent ranting and raving about Samsung and the issue(s) I’m having with them at the moment. Let me give you the full story Saturday, 15 December 2012 Bought a new laptop from the Samsung/Digital Experience store in Fourways Crossing. Check this beast out. Yeah, it’s a decent machine.… Read More »

One thing this morning…

So I’m driving to work this morning and witness the following: On the corner of William Nicol and Sloane, on Sloane coming from of Epsom Downs center, there’s this woman and a young boy, probably around 8, going from car to car begging. The car next to me hoots at them and gives the woman… Read More »

Let’s talk savings

and yes, I mainly mean those monthly money ones. You see, after some thought on the matter and deciding I could be doing better with my hard earned monies, I spent the last few weeks yielding a red pen over my bank statements  (metaphorically)  like a machete hacking at those expenses wherever possible. Of course,… Read More »