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The Possibility Zone

I’ve discussed the friend zone before. Is there a worse zone you can find yourself in? Yes there is. And until a better name comes to mind, I’ve dubbed it “The Possibility Zone”. Disclaimer Before I continue, let me just do the “Don’t get your knickers in a knot” disclaimer. As a guy I’m going… Read More »

Love and Promises

This has been something I think about often for years now. Love and Promise. Those words. And yes, I mean the words. You see, for me, both of these words are the descriptors of two very deep, very important concepts. Which is why I don’t bandy them about. And also why, because of the depth… Read More »

Template update

Yeah, Google is breaking the interwebs again, apparently. So yeah, I popped this template up real quick to stay ‘trendy’ 🙂 Will probably change again sometime. Stick around and see I guess. Are you reading this on your cellphone? Mr. Sinister.