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Fine! I’ll do it.

So this masterpiece came across my social media timeline this week. I don’t know who Amberance is and I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her but you all owe her a glass of wine. She reviewed the 50 Shades of Grey books and I’m sure saved many many people from brain aneurisms. I’m guessing… Read More »

My Samsung fun

Ok, so you might have seen my recent ranting and raving about Samsung and the issue(s) I’m having with them at the moment. Let me give you the full story Saturday, 15 December 2012 Bought a new laptop from the Samsung/Digital Experience store in Fourways Crossing. Check this beast out. Yeah, it’s a decent machine.… Read More »


I haven’t blogged in 18 odd months…Did ya miss me? “So how has 2012 been treating you Mr Sinister?” I’m sure that was your first question. It was? Of course. Let’s see, quick rundown of what has been the most hectic year. Ever. In the history of me at least. 1. In the beginning of… Read More »

This one should be random

I’m in the mood to write. But with my current pattern of thought and the variety of subjects jostling for foothold in my mental cobwebs, I have no idea what about. So let us just peck away at the keys and see what we come up with shall we? Diet I’m sort of, almost, kinda… Read More »

Your call is important to us…

…please hold. Yes sirree. I am that frikkin’ busy. It hit me this morning with the finesse of a Putco bus that the next few weeks are going to most likely be insane. To end off February, I’m supposed to be at the same place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Of course there is nothing… Read More »

I am the Harbinger of Doom

Ok, so the first response I’m getting from most people when they find out about my newfound interweb socialising is “What?! Is the world coming to an end?”. I’m not surprised by this. I’ve been ignoring this for a long long time. So let me set the record straight. Yes. The world is coming to… Read More »

My first brain fart

Oh lookey! With the makey of the typie typie, them there words appear on this here website. And you’re reading it. What is wrong with you? A year ago I started using facebook more and recently I decided to dip my big toe into the realms of Twitter and Foursquare. Naturally the next step would… Read More »