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What makes me a friend

I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how people treat me. Especially the people I consider closest to me. I’ve also learned that quite often this needs to lead to some introspection. If you’re considering how people treat you, you should also be considering how you treat them. In this roundabout manner, I… Read More »

The Possibility Zone

I’ve discussed the friend zone before. Is there a worse zone you can find yourself in? Yes there is. And until a better name comes to mind, I’ve dubbed it “The Possibility Zone”. Disclaimer Before I continue, let me just do the “Don’t get your knickers in a knot” disclaimer. As a guy I’m going… Read More »

Love and Promises

This has been something I think about often for years now. Love and Promise. Those words. And yes, I mean the words. You see, for me, both of these words are the descriptors of two very deep, very important concepts. Which is why I don’t bandy them about. And also why, because of the depth… Read More »

Template update

Yeah, Google is breaking the interwebs again, apparently. So yeah, I popped this template up real quick to stay ‘trendy’ 🙂 Will probably change again sometime. Stick around and see I guess. Are you reading this on your cellphone? Mr. Sinister.

50 Shades of Grey book review

Let me start by saying it’s 2 o’ clock in the morning. I should’ve gone to bed hours ago but with my brain deciding we’re not tired I figured I would get this ball rolling. So I borrowed a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Gray? Grey? Wait. Ah, there it is. Grey. With an… Read More »

Fine! I’ll do it.

So this masterpiece came across my social media timeline this week. I don’t know who Amberance is and I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her but you all owe her a glass of wine. She reviewed the 50 Shades of Grey books and I’m sure saved many many people from brain aneurisms. I’m guessing… Read More »

Thanks but no thanks

Perhaps I need a reality check or someone just needs to tell me I missed a memo and then loop me back in on the what’s what. But why can nobody say ‘no thanks’ anymore? When you get invited to something it seems the acceptable workflow when you’re not interested is as follows: “Yes. I… Read More »

A Good Heart

Intro blab How many people really listen to the lyrics and the meanings in so many songs? I think that so many people are entranced by the beat and the sound of a song without really paying attention to the lyrics and actually trying to figure out the possible meaning behind a song. It explains… Read More »