Fine! I’ll do it.

By | February 14, 2015

So this masterpiece came across my social media timeline this week. I don’t know who Amberance is and I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her but you all owe her a glass of wine. She reviewed the 50 Shades of Grey books and I’m sure saved many many people from brain aneurisms. I’m guessing because the movie was launched yesterday that all things 50 Shades suddenly made a grand return to center stage.

I know the books are shit, having read the reviews by Amberance, it was confirmed that they’re shit and I really should leave it at that and this is something I think most people happily would do. But here’s a bit of insight into how my brain works. I will most likely come across someone who will be spouting the brilliance of this series. I will want to tell them it’s shit. But I will need to be able to back it up. And also, I really really need to see the bad for myself. The exact same thing happened with Twilight.

So after a long protracted argument with myself, I lost and now I’m going to read the fucking book. But hopefully I will not be doing it entirely alone. Nooooo. You will be with me dear reader. Yeeees, it’s 3 years late and I’m jumping on the old bandwagon, but I’m going to try and do a review. And you can thank my caring wonderful dear heart of a younger sister for encouraging me.

I know. The bitch.

I’ve never done a book review. I’ll try not to be influenced by Amberance’s reviews, or what I remember of them, but of course we’re likely to touch on many of the same points. And I’m not going to do them chapter by chapter. As a matter of fact, besides reading the book and providing my insight, I have not planned this at all.

Stay tuned folks!

Mr. Sinister

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