Thanks but no thanks

By | October 7, 2014

Perhaps I need a reality check or someone just needs to tell me I missed a memo and then loop me back in on the what’s what. But why can nobody say ‘no thanks’ anymore?

When you get invited to something it seems the acceptable workflow when you’re not interested is as follows: “Yes. I would love to” and then make some random excuse just before the time as to why you won’t be going. Or give some big reason as to why you won’t make it. I remember inviting someone a few days before, to an event I had arranged. They told me they were going to be out of town so would not be able to make it. Imagine my surprise when I found them, shortly after my event ended, somewhere else on the day.

And then there’s flaking. The last minute excuse as to why you won’t be able to unfortunately make it. This one I do not understand at all. Is the plan to piss the person who invited you off? And if you’re not concerned with eliciting their anger, why not just say no in the first place?

Have we really become such a bunch of raggedy weak little shits that we cannot handle someone saying ‘No thanks. I’m not interested’? If you were to invite someone to something, would you rather they tell you a “little white lie” or would you rather have them tell you they’re not interested in a straight forward manner?

Where did these rules come from? Am I that out of touch with reality? Can someone please catch me up with the new standards of politeness? The copy I’m working from seems to be out of date.

Be nice for fucks sake

Mr. Sinister.

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