The Sound of Music stage musical – A sort of review

By | May 1, 2014

Last night I had the privilege of taking a gorgeous friend of mine with me to go and watch Sound of Music at Monte Casino.

If you’re planning on going to see it, you should perhaps not read this. I cannot guarantee there won’t be any spoilers.

Let me start by reiterating that we have fantastic talent in this country for putting on a world class quality show. In its own right this was a wonderful production. Great acting, fantastic music and technically superb. I do echo all of the people I’ve spoken to who have seen it in their opinions that it is well worth going to watch. If you get a chance, go and see it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. One bit of advice though: If, for the nostalgia of it, you want to watch the movie again, then wait until after you’ve gone to see the stage show.

And here’s why. (Here is also where I start whinging).

There was one thing that really disappointed me about the stage show. (There was one more thing I did not agree with but it’s a minor niggle and I’ll leave that as a discussion point the next time we see each other gentle reader.) They left out what was, for me, the most important scene regarding the growing love between Maria and the Captain. A scene that to me is vital to the story and the emotional connection between them. They made reference to it, so they knew it carried importance, but they left it out.

And this had the effect of one minute there’s nothing, and the next they’re in love. Just like that. No growth and no explanation. *Boom* For the sake of the story please take note that these two characters are now madly in love. Even my date (who has not seen the movie) commented on this without my prompting. Now when someone who has not seen Sound of Music questions what just happened, you know something was wrong.

And this missing scene is unfortunately the big thing that sticks with me now.

I understand that there is a big difference in making a movie and presenting a stage show and there were a lot of differences between the stage show I watched last night and the movie as one would expect. But this scene was vital. And I don’t think it was technically challenging or something they could not have portrayed on stage. They simply left it out.

Don’t take out the meat and expect the pie to fly.

Mr. Sinister.

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