Scream and Shout or February already

By | February 28, 2013

*Quick edit* April 2014 – This post has been sitting in draft for more then a year. I decided to just publish it anyway. Some points I did want to get out there

Oh man. I need to write. I need to write. I need to write. And as is usually the case when I’m in this `put pen to paper` mood, it’s probably going to be scattered thoughts and little sense. So be it.

Yes I do

I think it’s time to change this being single thing. And there are persons of interest. Yes, more then one, and well, one. As is always the case with me though, on the verge of such a life changing decision, the doubts and questions start creeping in. Should I do this? Is it the right time? Am I ready for this? Is she the right one? Am I the right one? Did I remember to turn the vacuum cleaner off? It’s usually with all these questions weighing on my tiny brain that I quite often just short circuit, forget the plan and not take the intended step. Make no mistake. I tend to be a jump in the deep end, balls to the wall, go for the goal and deal with the consequences later kinda guy. When I remember to.

Do I have any doubts as to whether I am good enough? Fuck no. I realized ages ago that I am awesome. Underneath this bravado of your opinion of me is one helluva catch. I am fucking awesome. And if you can deal with that without feeling threatened, then you are fucking awesome too. Deal with it.

I got asked last night what the things were I’m looking for in a woman. And I think I should perhaps actually create said list so that I can be sure and refine it from time to time. I do not believe in trying to find the person who checks ALL of the boxes on the list though. If you’re going to limit yourself that badly you’re probably going to miss some very important people. Nobody’s perfect. Nothing wrong with aiming for a majority of the check boxes though.


Chapter 2:


Damn straight

A friend of mine (do not read his blog. It will offend you and cause your eyes to bleed mud. You’ve been warned) put a post on Facebook about people being easily insulted. Then I heard the censored version of Scream and shout on radio because apparently people don’t like the word ‘bitch’. When are we? In the 70’s? Well fuck me. Oh sorry, I mean F### me.

Watch this. Seriously. Why do the words ‘That offends me’ elicit such a response? Why can a statistically insignificant minority of people stop something that is enjoyed or ignored by most with no problems. Guess what? Your radio and your TV have this modern enhancement. It’s the ability to select channels. Use it. If you find the book you’re reading offensive, close it and put it on the “don’t read” pile. If reading this offends you, there’s a little x at the top right of this window (or a red dot at the top left? For you apple kiddies). Click it. Learn how to turn things on and off. How to open and close. You’ll go far. I’m not saying don’t be offended. We all get offended by something or other. But let’s get over this thought that someones personal offense is the be all and end all for the rest of the world.


More big public shootings in the good old United States of Asses. And the follow up debate about guns, violent games and movies etc etc. Typical reactions that are for the most part completely wrong. The first step to solving this massive shootings problem they have is quite simple actually. Make it illegal or some such for any media to give the perpetrators identity. No names, no photos, nothing. Just ‘the perpetrator’. The only reason these insane ass clowns go out into the world and commit these atrocious acts is because they’ll get their 15 minutes of fame. A quote attributed to Morgan Freeman agrees with me.



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