By | October 23, 2012

I haven’t blogged in 18 odd months…Did ya miss me?

“So how has 2012 been treating you Mr Sinister?” I’m sure that was your first question. It was? Of course.

Let’s see, quick rundown of what has been the most hectic year. Ever. In the history of me at least.

1. In the beginning of 2012 I dated a wonderful girl and then I broke her heart. This is not something I’m proud of and really one of the shittiest things I’ve ever done. That being said, I think it was for the best. Hopefully one day she’ll forgive me. Pay me enough and I might even tell you the story…no refunds.

2. Started a new job. Yep, back in the arena of full time employment. So far things are a lot calmer then I’m use to *yay!*

3. Got the house in my name. Yeah, the process took 2 years, cost a friggin’ fortune but it’s done.

4. Sold the flat in Cape Town.

5. New housemate. She’s awesome squared. Also my best friend who gives me the occasional kick in the arse to keep me grounded 🙂

6. I’ve lost quite a significant amount of weight without turning into Kate Moss 😀

And much much much much more which I’m not going to cover here.

It has been one of the (if not the) roughest years I’ve experienced ever.Most of it not because of things that happened to me. So it’s been wild, exciting and dramatic.

And yet, at the same time also one of the best years ever. Funny that. I’ve met some really awesome people and had some fantastic experiences.

That all being said, I kindly request from the Universe, God, Allah, Buddha, the Zen Dragon and whoever else might be listening: Can 2013 just be nicer please? For everyone? Except Rhino poachers. Seriously. Give them a year of bad crotch lice and ulcers.

To the continued awesome!

Mr Sinister

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