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By | March 28, 2011

I’m in the mood to write. But with my current pattern of thought and the variety of subjects jostling for foothold in my mental cobwebs, I have no idea what about. So let us just peck away at the keys and see what we come up with shall we?


I’m sort of, almost, kinda following a diet. And I have to say, now into my third week of this diet I’m surprised more people don’t do this. Physically I feel great. I’ve stopped feeling fatigued during the day (to the point of falling asleep at my desk). I generally always feel appetite satisfied and I’ve managed to ignore temptation at the shops and cafe’s and ended up not buying that choc or the treat etc. all without missing it afterward. I feel great. And I’m losing some girth on the spare tire as well 🙂

Emotional Control

In earlier years I use to have near-phenomenal emotional control. Then life and the people, problems and responsibilities that accompany it started happening. For years now I’ve been aware of how easily I could slip from one mood to another, going from calm and happy to road rage red instantly with minimal provocation. And I’ve always considered this a problem, but recently, as part of my ‘improve myself for myself’ goals I decided I need to regain this control.

Here’s the crux though. I don’t want the control I use to have. The problem with being persistently ‘happy’ is some people’s amazing ability to push the envelope. Realistically, I use to be a pushover. More of a doormat then anything. What I want now, is the type of control that allows me to control my situation. I suspect this means more control over the intensity of the emotion rather then the emotion itself.

The last few days I’ve run a gauntlet of emotions (very strong and very unusual) and this has provided me some good practice in attempting to achieve this control. Still early days but I’ll keep practicing though and perhaps report back.

Hot Chocolate

I like Hot Chocolate.

Where are all the Gentlemen?


Like buttons

Anyone else noticed how the ‘Like’ button on Facebook has transcended the concept of simply liking something? Of course the biggest one is Like = Subscribe. But beyond that it’s gotten to a point where I think the like button would better be described as ‘Ditto’ or ‘Right there with you’. I think many facebook users have evolved an unspoken understanding that ‘Like’ does not really mean liking something.

When you see a post from someone that contains bad news or something not at all positive, we’ve grown to the point where ‘Liking’ it actually means ‘Sorry’ or ‘I understand’ or ‘I know how you feel’. Granted, many people have not ‘Like’d this approach themselves (“What do you mean you like this?!”) but it seems a large number of people, like me, have no idea how to comment but still want to display some form of connection.

This all being said, I’m still very careful with the pressing of the ‘Like’ link.

I really take long to write

I started this post on Thursday…it’s Monday. Add to that the posts I have sitting unpublished from more then a month  ago


Actually, I’ve had so many thoughts for this entry enter and escape my thoughts I’m just gonna stop it right here 🙂

How much pure awesome can you handle?

Mr Sinister

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