I have an idea

By | February 28, 2011

which I would like some feedback on from all you peeps out on the interwebs.

Ready? Good. Here’s the pitch.
We can easily gather information and answers to the apparent going-ons in the lives and careers of celebrities, industry leaders and other persons of famed repute. But have you ever wondered about the lives of people you see every day? What does the flower seller on the corner do for recreation? What does the security guard outside the nursery consider his blessings in life? Is the barman down at you local looking for fame and fortune or do his desires in life lean towards quiet suburban life?

Yes, like celebrities get interviewed in every form of media, I want to turn the spotlight to every day people and find out more about those most would classify as normal. And I mean pretty much anyone. I already have a short list of the first few people I would like to ‘interview’.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Think it worthwhile? If so, what questions do you think should be asked? Have anyone in mind you would like to know more about?

Put your thoughts in the comments below

Mr Sinister

3 thoughts on “I have an idea

    1. Mr. Sinister Post author

      Youtube gives people this ability yes, and some of these people do use it. But I was thinking more about the lives of these people and finding out more about them, not just giving them the ability to come up with arb channels and try to be entertaining. Also, a large portion of the possible list would likely be people who’ve probably not even heard of the internet 🙂


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